Spokane Per Capita Income Compared to Washington State

Source of chart: http://www.workforceexplorer.com/admin/uploadedPublications/9313_ChartBook2008_Wex.pdf

Spokane is known for its inexpensive housing costs. Unfortunately, housing costs are a proxy for average wages in the area – in other words, wages, like housing, are low compared to major cities. As can be seen in the Household Income chart, below, Spokane household income is approximately 30% less than the Washington State average. Considering that within Spokane, 37.7% of all jobs are government, health care or education, which are generally on par with the state average, this implies that the rest of the jobs have much lower wages. As shown in a separate post on this site, software programmers in Spokane earn 38% less than their counterparts in Seattle.

This chart, from Trulia.com, shows similar values but for a more recent year, than above:


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