1 out of 3 Spokane High School Students Drop Out

Yet one in three kids in Spokane drops out of high school, a ratio Spokane leaders call a “crisis,” and one that needs a plan of action.

via Levy would finance battle against Spokane high-school dropout rate – Spokesman.com – Feb. 21, 2010.

According to discussion in the comments to that news article, with data sources cited, the on time graduation rate in Spokane schools has been getting worse in recent years. For the entire County, on time graduation rate is 70% in 2008 versus 77% for the State of Washington.

Spokane School District is said to have one of the highest rates of suspensions in the State and spends much more per student, than nearby Mead School District which has a higher graduation rate.

There are many interesting comments and questions to the above article.

There is some question as to the methodology and data quality issues – however, going with the story, 1 in 3 high school students drop out and the drop out rate has recently been getting worse in Spokane County, and in particular, in the Spokane School District. Ouch.

There is a direct correlation between a community’s poverty rate and its high school drop out rate. Spokane’s high school drop out rate is extremely high. Apparently, the Spokane School District, serving the City of Spokane, leads the state in dropouts.

Conversely, if the drop out rate is increasing, then the poverty rate is likely increasing too.


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