Non-stop flights from Spokane International

Spokane International provides non-stop flights to 12 airports year round. 3 of the destinations are all in the SF Bay Area so its non-stop to 10 geographic destinations. The 13th destination is seasonal only.

SeaTac in Seattle serves 19 International destinations and 73 domestic airports.

The number of cities that can be reached via non-stop flights can impact the type of industry in an area. If your business requires travel by employees, clients or vendors to and from many locations in the U.S., you will want to locate in a city having a large number of non-stop destinations. Otherwise, time spent sitting in airports making flight transfers is potential down time for staff and clients.

Spokane International Airport handled more passengers in 1996 than it does in 2010. In spite of the lack of passengers, SIA is completing a $30 million extension to a runway and next year, another $30 million will be spent to remove a dip in a runway. The longer runway will, they say, enable the airport to serve more distant locations than it does today.

Spokane International Airport does not have any international flights.

Destinations reached non-stop from Spokane (embedded chart comes from but may no longer be accurate as of February 2011):


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