Remedial mathematics at the college level after Spokane schools

A large portion of students who graduate from high school and go on to college end up having to take “remedial” classes in math or writing/grammar. This problem occurs nationwide.

According to this web site, Laurie Rogers (2010) says that 87% of students graduating from Spokane School District high schools who go on to attend Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College are required to take remedial math courses upon entry (I’ve verified similar numbers from other sources).  About half of those then dropped out or failed the remedial class.

For most students, elementary algebra – or lower – was were they were placed based on the standard mathematics placement exam given to entering students. The linked web site appears to be about the school district’s process of choosing a new mathematics curriculum.


Rogers, L. (June 2010). “Remedial rates: Spokane’s big, dirty secret.” Retrieved July 25, 2010 from the Betrayed Web site:

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