Does Spokane have a “vibrant, entrepreneurial” culture?

Off hand, I have not yet thought about that – but MetroSpokane has some hints, worth reading:

Which place is going to be more vibrant, entrepreneurial, and have a more secure future?

via MetroSpokane: Best Cities for Relocating Families – Spokane hits top 10. Note – the MetroSpokane blog shut down in 2008.

According to Prof. Richard Florida writing on his Creative Class blog,

The world’s 40 largest mega-regions produce two-thirds of all economic output and nine in 10 of the world’s innovations. With their massive scale and market size, mega-regions are becoming a key economic and social organizing unit of our time. (Update 2017: Richard Florida mostly admits he’s theories have been all wrong.)

He also suggests that rural area economic growth is dependent on fostering a “creative class” and that remote cities – like Spokane – can no longer depend on satellite manufacturing facilities of larger companies. What is needed is action to spur a creative and entrepreneurial class since manufacturing and tech sectors, as they existed, are gone for good.

Going back to the MetroSpokane post, the “hint” provided is that Spokane has lost its young, vibrant vitality as ambitious young people move to the hip, forward looking, coastal metro cities. The corollary is that a quiet, low change environment may be desired by retirees and those nearing retirement.

Question: Does Spokane have vibrant, entrepreneurial creative class like say, Seattle or San Francisco?

Update: More on the culture issue in this newer post.