1 in 5 Spokane Jobs are in Health Care

A strong, health care workforce, with 21.2% of the working population directly or indirectly employed in health care. Sacred Heart Medical Center and Empire Health System are among the top ten employers in Spokane.”

via Why Spokane? via the Institute for Systems Medicine web site. (Note: EHS was purchased by Community Health Systems of Tennessee.)

Spokane: “The Last Company Town in America”

Some think Spokane’s economic situation is because of its reputation as “The Last Company Town in America“. The Seattle Times presents background on the power of the local Spokane media empire, their real estate empire and their controlling family here, a book written about their power, a thesis written for a Harvard Master’s degree, and thoughts from the PBS program “Frontline“.

When a little town like Spokane garners such coverage, it suggests that where there is smoke, there might really be fire. I have no specific knowledge of all this – I only note this is certainly interesting and something prospective new Spokane residents or businesses should be aware of.

Could this be a clue as to why Spokane stays stuck with a no-go economy?

As I will describe in a future post, every year or every other year, local government produces yet-another economic development study that finds the same problems as the previous study, and generally makes similar recommendations, then files the study away, never to be read again. Surprisingly, studies 7 to 10 years ago were documenting the same things I document here in 2010.  I was surprised – and saddened! – to discover that little of my work here is original! Nothing changes here. Why?