Diabetes Hospitalizations in Spokane County versus the State

But the State is catching up!

Source: Diabetes in Spokane County

Health insurance coverage trends in Spokane County

As can be seen in the chart, below, the percentage of adults without health insurance in Spokane County is increasing and is higher than the State of Washington average:

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Source: Characteristics and Trends of the Adults Uninsured in Spokane County, Spokane Regional Health District.

The SRDC published a new report in 2009 which had significantly different (and lower) numbers for the years shown in their own chart, above. The 2009 report states that only 7% were uninsured in 2002. Why the discrepancy? It depends on how you define “uninsured”.  Only 7% were uninsured at the time of the survey says the report. However, other estimates, including those used by the Federal government, count as uninsured anyone that had no insurance for any time during the preceding 18 months, which results in a much higher “uninsured rate“.

Interesting trivia – in 2002, there were 1,972 residents per doctor in Spokane County.

Compare the above to the State of Washington as a whole, assuming their surveys measured the same definition of “uninsured”:

Source: What the Uninsured are Costing You: Spokane County Regional Report. (2004). Office of the Insurance Commissioner, State of Washington. Age range not given but likely the adult uninsured population.

Spokane Suicides By Youth and Adults

Suicides by young people in Spokane greatly exceed the State average:

Source: Suicide in Spokane County, Spokane Regional Health District.

The situation for adults is also worse than the State: