Like many small towns, local boosters like to think big. In this example, they’ve branded a section of infamous “East Sprague” as a new “International District“.


East Sprague is known locally for its crime, prostitutes and a famous serial killer (he killed prostitutes), Robert Yates and the ghetto that adjoins the street. And yes, there were prostitutes along the road at 4 pm on a weekday afternoon when I took this photo. In fact, the day after I took this photo, police ran a mid-day sting operation just down the street and arrested several people on prostitution related charges.

“Spokane Police report that there were 100 known prostitutes who worked Sprague and they say it seems to be getting worse.”


Update:  It would be nice to have a bona fide international district in town. I have learned that goal is that many of the business owners here have started to work together to fight crime (which they also say is rampant, each experiencing many break ins and vandalism) and work with each other to improve the area (sounds like a face to face cluster!). The city has rezoned the ghetto-like neighborhoods on either side of this strip in hopes of new development working to clean up the area.

Perhaps the most positive outcome, at this point, is the community of small businesses along the strip are now talking and working with each other, looking for ideas and solutions.

They’ve spent $255,000 on all this so far …Hope it works out.


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