Nothing on this web site is original

As you can see from comments to the Spokesman-Review articles, like this one, many people in Spokane understand the situation of its long struggling economy. That comment is pretty much on the mark and makes a very good point – Boise, which has long been the “comparable” city by which both cities compare their performance, has continued to thrive while Spokane has stalled. That is also seen in Spokane Airport handling more passengers in 1996 than in 2009, while Boise passenger traffic has grown nicely since then.

You can also see on that comment thread what happens to people who dare question the status quo – geesh! Dissenting perspectives, especially on public policy issues like economic development, are not tolerated in Spokane, as EWU’s study on Spokane’s culture learned.


I also saw mention of some of the issues that seem to limit forward progress in Spokane:

  • The culture issue is mentioned
  • Does “old money” (there is plenty here) play a role in preserving their status quo?
  • Surprisingly sharp attacks against anyone who mentions any problems in Spokane. That suggests a closed mindedness at work that limits progress. Mere mentioning a problem here results in a call to “Get the hell out” of Spokane. Wow.

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