Downtown Spokane now under continuous police video surveillance

Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...

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Local News | Much of downtown Spokane under surveillance | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Yes, we have to catch those dangerous photographers using – horrors – tripods!

Hard to believe but in Spokane, you must apply for and obtain a permit before anyone, including students and individuals doing non-commercial still or video photography, may use a tripod upon any sidewalk or street in the City of Spokane. Read more of this post

Spokane’s low wage problem noted again

The Spokesman Review’s business blog notes:

“Cost of business in Spokane was 81 percent of the national average, Coeur d’Alene’s was 76 percent.

In cost of living, Spokane was 97 percent of the national average, Coeur d’Alene was 96 percent.

Among Spokane strengths, Moody’s says, are the diversity of industries and stable military and health care sectors. A negative is the unfavorable cost-to-income balance.”

via Spokane recovering, Kootenai County still in recession – Office Hours – – Aug. 31, 2010.

The cost of doing business in Spokane is low due to the low wage problem of the area. That is a benefit to a business but a cost to workers.

T-Mobile expands high speed wireless to Spokane

Via Twitter:
techsavvy: T-Mobile expanded its HSPA+ to Boston, MA; Erie, PA; Fresno, Palm Springs, San Diego, CA; Miami, FL; Richmond, VA; Spokane, WA.; Topeka, KS.

The HSPA+ technology is about one order of magnitude faster wireless data than commonly available today and is also known as “4G” technology. According to T-Mobile, the new services is available immediately.

Spokane’s First Apple Store takes shape

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Apple began opening retail stores 9 years ago, in 2001. Their first store is slated to open in Spokane in the Fall of 2010.

Economic development experts say Missoula efforts deficient, need reorganization

From the Missoulian newspaper:

Missoula’s economic development efforts are woefully deficient, dysfunctional, ineffective and without direction or leadership, a pair of economic development experts from Atlanta told local business leaders Tuesday.

via Economic development experts say Missoula efforts deficient, need reorganization.

An outside group of consultants reviewed the city’s economic development agencies by pretending to be looking for a site to open a business in Missoula. They learned that economic development in Missoula is a mess.

I wonder if we’ve ever done a review like that here in Spokane?

This is pretty neat

Spokane – Interceder: real time news. It’s a web site that displays a list of headlines in near “real time” from multiple sources in the Spokane area, and beyond, if the story has some connection to Spokane.