Trader Joe’s Store not in the plans for Spokane

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Inside the secret world of Trader Joe’s – Office Hours – – Aug. 24, 2010.

Confirms that Trader Joe’s has no plans to open a store in Spokane.

The newspaper says that Trader Joe’s says that a Spokane store is not in their current 2-year plan and its not on TJ’s list of coming locations.

Since this item on the web site is the single most popular post(!), I am adding the following:

Update Oct 25, 2010: TJ’s has 344 stores but will open just 5 new stores in the U.S. in 2010. (Heh – that linked article is quite an eyeful!)

Update Nov 17, 2010: Trader Joe’s officially announces it will open a Spokane store in 2011.

Another comment has TJ’s opening in Spokane in mid-2011. Someone probably knows but they are not sayin’. The problem with the rumors is that they have TJ’s opening in the soon to be closed Yoke’s in Spokane Valley, in Lincoln Heights, in an old Costco store, on 29th, in Coeur d’Alene, and elsewhere. Supposedly the deal is already signed but work won’t begin until the first half of 2011, say the rumors. Some of these rumors have been alive for several years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), each saying TJ’s is opening “next year”.

The one rumor that does make sense is that Trader’s Joe’s would come to Spokane to open up a store plus a separate warehouse/distribution center (trucking) to serve a wide regional area for future expansion. Spokane is today home to a very large warehouse/distribution industry sector, with operations spread all over the area.

Another rumor that makes some sense is that TJ’s would open up on South Hill in Spokane, plus another in Coeur d’Alene, as part of that distribution center set up.

At the very least, perhaps all this rumor mill stuff is a marketing strategy for them?

We’ve gone down this path before – Whole Foods signed paper work on a building, and then never came. There’s some old info on TJ’s “coming to Spokane” in that article too. Also, three years ago, someone at QFC on the west side said they were opening in Spokane in just a few months – never happened.


6 Responses to Trader Joe’s Store not in the plans for Spokane

  1. bill smart says:

    If you read the story there, it’s not saying it won’t be coming. Just says at that point, in August,no announcement would be confirmed. Stay tuned >>>>>

  2. inlandnw says:

    Here’s what the SR reported: “Officially, the answer from TJ’s has been: Spokane is not in the company’s two-year plan.”

    I guess we can assume that if its not in the 2 year plan it could still happen anyway. Sure, but strange.

    I’ll try to word it slightly differently and will update the post. I’ve heard rumors that they want to the old Costco store. A few years back, someone at QFC on the west side of the state told me about their plans to open a store in Spokane – but that never happened. There was another store that had even optioned a site, but they never opened. Can’t remember who that was now – I think it was in the west of downtown area.

  3. inlandnw says:

    I added an update that TJ’s plans to add only 5 stores in 2010.

    The company would likely target a swanky upper scale neighborhood – which makes parts of South Hill seem more likely than other suggested locations. Their stores are small – which rules out an old Costco building. Some people claim to be “in the know” but the article link I added today says the company is incredibly secretive and it seems very unlikely that anyone really knows their plans for the area. The company is so secretive that their U.S. corporate HQ (they are really a German conglomerate) does not even have the company name anywhere on the building.

    They like upper scale, young, hip, urban professionals – but cater to others who think they are those people anyway, even if not. I think the health care worker crowd in Spokane might fit their bill – but I think Spokane mostly more sense as a launching off point for a distribution center to reach in to a few other hip centers like perhaps Missoula, CDA and so on.

    Today I visited my first TJ’s. I pretended to be a cultural anthropologist and just watched the people and observed some products. I managed not to buy anything at all 🙂

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