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Did you know that “Coin, Vending, and Amusement Machine Servicers and Repairers” is considered an “Information Technology” career in Spokane WDA?

I didn’t. But it is.

So is “Computer, Automated Teller, and Office Machine Repairers“.

Source:  Workforce Explorer, Home, Career Clusters. (Link goes to a generic page that requires selecting options to get to the raw data)

I thought IT referred to software developers and network administrators but it includes office equipment and vending machine repair, computer support, plus the more advanced categories.

  • Estimated annual job openings (early 2008) in IT for those with a 2+ years of college: 97 (largest category is for computer support)
  • Estimated job openings in Health Sciences for those with 2+ years of college: 550.
  • Estimated job openings for health science researchers (advanced education usually required for this field): 10

I am not yet seeing that Spokane will have a bioscience cluster that amounts to much.

The link above can be used to explore other careers and median salaries at other locations. Some of the professional salaries I looked at are 40% less in Spokane than they are in Seattle. Spokane’s chronic low wage problem affects a broad spectrum of careers.


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