Washington State Reinforces the Health Care Services Cluster

(Photo is of WSU-Pullman’s Thompson Hall, not of the WSU-Spokane campus. They do look very similar though!)

Thompson Hall

Image via Wikipedia

SPOKANE, Wash. – Washington State University Spokane is now officially designated as the university’s health sciences campus following a proclamation issued Friday by the WSU Board of Regents, meeting in Pullman.

The proclamation establishes the campus’ direction: “…with a focus and commitment to grow graduate and professional education in the biomedical and health sciences, discover new knowledge through fundamental and translational research, and engage with people and communities throughout the region and the state to improve health in order to create a full-fledged research-intensive enterprise that will become America’s next great health science center in Spokane.”

via University Relations – WSU Spokane Designated as Health Sciences Center, Funding Approved for Biomedical Building.

This is part of the State’s top down clustering policy that has defined health care services as the leading industry cluster for Spokane.

And of course, the announcement comes with yet another economic development study!

State Law requires state agencies, including HECB, which oversees the state’s colleges and universities, to support the clustering policy. Therefore, unlike the last 15 years of economic plans, this one will happen – the largest sectors of the economy here are now run by the government.

Good for WSU and good for those in the government/education, health care sectors.

As the 2003 Innovation Economy report noted, Spokane only has the capabilities to support 2 or 3 clusters. And those are government, education and health care, and perhaps the only other true cluster of warehouses/trucking.

For those of us not in the chosen clusters, and not in the business of supporting the government/education and health care clusters with our services, Spokane is less attractive as a place to make our mark.


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