Spokane Transit Authority Cuts Bus Services

STA Service1
Image by WSDOT via Flickr

STA has been able to maintain service at the same level until now because of careful planning and prudent financial policies. The organization is debt-free. Unfortunately, the recession continues. Even if the economy started to recover next year, STA would not return to 2007 sales tax revenue levels until early 2016 – an eight year period of reduced revenue that will never be re-captured.

“We must reduce expenses in order to live within our means,” Meyer said

via Media Notice: Proposed 2011 Service Reductions – About STA – Spokane Transit Authority (STA).

Sales tax revenues in Spokane County are evidently below year 2007 levels (I will try to get data on that at some point). I am surprised at the forecast for an 8-year long period of reduced revenues – wowA recession lasting that long puts this downturn in the depression category and is much longer than what others have said, publicly.

The last quote from the bus system CEO is amusing if you think about it.


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