Trend in per capita income, Spokane County 1969 to 2008

The following chart compares the per capita income in Spokane County to the per capita income average of the United States and the average for the State of Washington. The trend, over time, is for Spokane County per capita incomes to drop relative to earnings elsewhere in Washington and the United States.

The data is from the Washington Regional Economic Analysis Project, Selected Economic Indicators “Per Capita Income” table.

The trend is unfortunate and I am hoping that some how I am misinterpreting the data table. Please leave a comment if this is not right – I am reading the percentages directly out of the WREAP table. The last few years do agree with other data on average wages in Spokane versus the State.

Note that over the entire period, per capita income has gone up. Presumably, the interpretation is that Spokane incomes have not gone up as fast as else where in the State or the U.S.

In the chart below, the lag in Spokane incomes is apparent. The bottom (dark red) line is Spokane and note that over time, it falls further behind the expansion of wages in Washington (green) and the U.s. (dark blue). An eyeball (not statistical) interpretation of the chart indicates wages began diverging in about 1995.

I did some comparisons with selected locations elsewhere in Washington and  their incomes rose faster than those in Spokane.

Source: Community Indicators.


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