Tax trends in Spokane (Washington really)

To clarify per a comment and suggestion there – I did not create these charts nor have I verified their original data source. They are from the web site linked below which appears to have republished a letter from the County Assessor. I do not know if the charts were created by that web site, linked below, or if they were included in the letter from the County Assessor. The charts mysteriously have different start and end dates; I can understand the different start rates but the end dates? All of these taxes exist today.

Source of charts: Tax Trends | | Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

The above charts are a partial list of taxes. There are taxes on telephones, cellular phones, utility taxes, property taxes, other business taxes and other sources of revenue including numerous fees for services, including building permits, sewer fees, street lighting fees, parking fees, and fees for permits for many random things.

Voters in the State of Washington will be asked to vote on establishing an income tax on high incomes only. Judging from the above trends, or the trends in states like California, the “high income” limit will likely migrate to lower incomes over a few years.


2 Responses to Tax trends in Spokane (Washington really)

  1. Huh? says:

    Those graphs would be more interesting if they all had the same start and end year and on the same scale. Putting those graphs side by side misrepresents the data.

  2. InlandNW says:

    The graphs were created by the County tax assessor or the web site (linked in the text) that provided the charts. I did not create the charts. I have updated the text to clarify that!

    That is a good point that their scales are different, which impacts their slope and apparent rate of change.

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