2010 High School Drop Out Rates Around Spokane

The Mead School District's newest school, Mt. ...

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As it stands for Spokane’s Class of 2010 2,272 students started as freshman but only 1,479 graduated last June, a graduation rate of 65-percent.

The school with the lowest rate was Rogers High School; 511 students started as freshmen but only 219 graduated, a graduation rate of just 43-percent. The school with the highest number of graduates in Spokane is Ferris High School with about 75-percent.

In comparison to Spokane’s overall graduation rate of 65-percent, Central Valley’s rate is 67-percent and Tacoma’s schools boast a 81-percent graduation rate.

via Are Schools Failing Our Kids? – News Story – KXLY Spokane.

(Photo is of Mt. Spokane High School whose graduation rate is not specified in the linked article. Wanted to clarify that. The Mead SD has an on time graduation rate over 85%.)

Update: Due to the popularity of this item, I have added this link to the State’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction where you can look up specific data about each district and school in the state. Look for the “Summary” item at the upper left and click on the down arrow to choose the specific school district and click on “Go”. Look for the “On time” and “Extended” graduation rates.

2nd Update: Spokane Schools have now improved their graduation rate to 70%.

Latest graduation rates improved.  Spokane 70.2%, Central V, 84.6%, East V, 97.2% and West Valley, 96.3%.



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