Silver Mountain ski resort put up for sale

» Idaho’s Silver Mountain resort for sale « Idaho Business Review.

Spokane’s “The Union Credit Union” Closed by Regulators

State regulators shut down a Spokane credit union Friday — the first in 15 years — after its finances fell victim to high unemployment among members, who were mainly workers in the recession-battered construction industry.

via Business & Technology | Spokane credit union closed by regulators | Seattle Times Newspaper.

The stated cause of the failure is interesting … unemployment? Who would have guessed?

Numerica Credit Union of Spokane Valley will take over the deposits of TUCU’s members. Here’s the official press release.

Earlier in the week, Spokane based AmericanWest Bancorporation announced it will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sell its branch structure to a private investment group.

2 local bank failures in one week…

Update: Spokane’s Commercial Real Estate Vacancy Rate takes a Sharp turn for the worse

Data source:

I usually update this early in the week but, since the latest data is from the end of the week and with the sharp change, I am updating this chart earlier. I am just guessing that this might have something to do with businesses clearing out by October 31st. By why is this month any different than other months? I do not know.

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Spokane’s car theft rate is 18th worst in the nation

Spokane used cars are at higher risk of theft than new cars | Car Deal Expert.

Car thieves took 70 Honda’s (and that’s Honda’s only) in the past 9 days.

This is awful – and likely another indicator of the areas economic troubles.

May be some one was trying to steal the city’s fire engine?

Unmanned fire engine hits Spokane home

Unmanned fire engine hits Spokane home – News Story – KXLY Spokane.

This isn’t economic or demographic… just embarrassing.

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More likely to die of drug overdose in Spokane, than in a car crash

SRHD: More likely to die of drug overdose than car crash | KREM 2 News | | When it Matters Most | HealthLink.

Not sure what that means. May be we do not have many car crashes? Just hoping …

Spokane-based AmericanWest Bancorporation to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The parent company of AmericanWest Bank will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the Court would supervise a competitive bidding process for the Bank’s common stock“. The retail AmericanWest Bank will remain in operation.

Third Quarter Results

While the news sort of spins this story as a positive, here’s the bottom line:

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