Spokane Airport non-stop destinations – in charts

I like charts so thought to put the data from the earlier post in to chart form. And per the previous post on this topic, this is for a specific day in January 2011.

It is logical to treat the flights to San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose as one geographic area – the SF Bay area. Passengers often fly in or out of any of the airports. I combined all of the Bay area flights into a single category and drew a pie chart, below.

Just 4 destinations account for 80% of all non-stop flights out of Spokane.

As mentioned on some previous posts, and in quotes from local business leaders in previous Spokesman-Review new coverage over the years, this level of air service may be insufficient for national and world-class businesses. In terms of business class service, where time is money, Spokane’s airport serves mostly 4 cities: Seattle, Portland, the SF Bay area and Denver. There may also be some “direct” flights. Unlike a non-stop flight, a “direct” flight might fly a route such as Spokane <–> Seattle <–> San Jose. There’s an intermediate stop and delay but you stay on the same plane all the way through.

The air travel cut backs might be another reason several long standing manufacturing and tech manufacturing companies left Spokane recently. Like the real estate agents say, it comes down to “location, location, location”.

Previous posts


From an online forum comment in 2008 (GEG=Geiger Field which is Spokane Airport):

In 6 months GEG has seen 5 SMF nonstops disappear (3 XJ, 2 QX); 2 SAN nonstops disappear (1 XJ, 1 QX); 4 LAX nonstops disappear (2 DL/XJ, 2 QX); 1 RNO nonstop disappear (XJ); 1 TUS nonstop disappear (XJ). That’s 13 nonstops! And it’ll be 16 when ExpressJet drops branded service to ONT (2 daily) and SAN (1 daily).

2 days later, ExpressJet dropped the flights mentioned above. Read the entire forum thread. The commentators there list a lot more reductions and note that Spokane was “clobbered”.

The above comments put my comments in to perspective – the cut backs to/from Spokane are much worse than a reduction in destinations. There have been cut backs in the frequency of flights to and from Spokane. Some of those flight reductions are due to replacing 3 smaller jet flights with one larger jet flight per day. Regardless, it reduces flexibility for Spokane area travelers.

These comments are not meant to be critical of SIA management – their situation is a reflection of the region’s economic situation.

Update: Mosses Lake, Wa lost its only airline service in June of 2010. It looks like Yakima was cut from 4 daily flights to Seattle to 3. Small towns have been hit hard by air service cut backs.

Update February 2011:  Air service has declined further. Please see this update.


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