Spokane “Community Development through Entrepreneurship”

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Whitworth University President Beck A. Taylor speaks on the importance of entrepreneurship to developing communities, especially in Spokane. See video of the talk, below.

He speaks of challenges (which are well understood by readers of this blog)

  • He notes some of the poorest communities in the State with the highest poverty rates are in Spokane.
  • High school drop out rates are extremely high.
  • Spokane has an “economic base searching for competitive advantages”
  • Legacy industries like health care

Strengths and opportunities:

  • Strengths: Higher education in Spokane
  • Joint push for medical school in Spokane
  • Whitworth University is investing in new science and engineering facilities
  • The importance of geography to the regional health care industry
  • A nice place to live and raise a family

Discusses how communities have re-invented themselves – and sometimes have to keep re-inventing themselves. He says that Spokane needs to re-invent itself once again. This sounds much like the previous economic strategy plans.

However, he focuses in on the need for entrepreneurship.  I add that we could help this with events like “StartupWeeekend“, plus related support events, to train and mentor entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be taught, he says, and focuses on the role of universities in this effort. He also discusses the importance of ethics in all activities and the loss of trust in institutions.

He sees a lack of capital hindering new business start ups for quite some time to come.

The introductory comments take up about the first 15 minutes; you may wish to skip ahead to the guts of the presentation.  This is a good talk and makes a call to embrace change in organizations and the Spokane community.

Interesting fact I did not know:

  • 10% of Spokane workers are in non-profit organizations.

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