Spokane employment/unemployment update

Spokane in Spokane County

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The State has released its latest jobs estimates for September at WorkForceExplorer.com.

Their data show that:

  • Spokane added 2,000 jobs in August to September for total non farm employment of 202,600 workers.
  • Between September 2009 and September 2010, Spokane County lost 5,200 jobs.
  • The official unemployment rate went down to 8.2%.
  • Update: A chart will be posted on Friday showing population increasing while the number of non-farm employed has gone down. Which is why the 8.2% unemployment rate does not agree with the “feet on the ground” perspective.
  • The lowest unemployment rate in the state is San Juan County (both people there have jobs 🙂 ) at 5.5%. The 2nd lowest is the Tri-Cities at 6%.

Here is the latest chart from WorkForceExplorer.com:

As you can see, the Spokane MSA is now back to roughly the year 2000 jobs level. A decades worth of job growth, lost.

Another way to look at that is that at the peak, there were over 220,000 non farm jobs – but the count is now back to about 200,000. That’s a loss of 10% of the jobs in Spokane County. (If I remember, their count excludes active duty military, farm jobs, the self employed, and sole proprietor businesses.)


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