Major research centers in Spokane?

The following is from Prof. Richard Florida’s blog on the “creative class” and related topics. Research centers are concentrated in relatively few areas (and not in Spokane or Eastern Washington – see the map in the linked article):

It’s a given that scientific talent is highly mobile. But distance still plays a role. All other things equal, it is both easier for and more likely that leading scientists and researchers will move within these clusters – say between Boston and New York, or even Chicago and Toronto; much the same is true among, say, L.A., San Francisco, and Seattle. And collaboration within them is surely easier as well. This kind of proximity creates considerable short- and long-run advantages both for the universities and research centers within the cluster and the cluster as a whole.

This would seem to imply that ongoing efforts to upgrade research universities, attract top scientific talent, and build world-class research environments in China, India, the Middle East, and other parts of the world are likely to face significant uphill battles. And that established mega-clusters are likely to enjoy significant advantages into the foreseeable future.

via Creative Class » Blog Archive » Where the World’s Brains Are – Creative Class.

These comments apply also to the incoherent cluster strategy in Spokane.


One Response to Major research centers in Spokane?

  1. See several Spokane references here in a talent cluster analysis by the Creative Class team:

    Spokane is ranked in the top 3 in these categories:
    Business & Financial Services
    Medical Professionals
    Medical Therapists
    Research & Science

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