Update: Spokane’s Commercial Real Estate Vacancy Rate takes a Sharp turn for the worse

Data source: OfficeSpace.com

I usually update this early in the week but, since the latest data is from the end of the week and with the sharp change, I am updating this chart earlier. I am just guessing that this might have something to do with businesses clearing out by October 31st. By why is this month any different than other months? I do not know.

Spokane appears to be in a Depression with a capital “D”.

I spotted this on Twitter earlier today:

Terri*******: the airport in spokane is cracking me up. There’s like two people here. I forget that not everywhere is crowded and crazy.

More on the airport situation here and here.  The airport’s lowered passenger traffic load is a reflection of the regional economic troubles.

Also this week, police shot and killed a man who threatened them with a sharp rock, 3 stabbings have occurred, an apparent murder-suicide (2 dead) in nearby Post Falls, a middle school student brought a 9mm hand gun to school today, and in roughly the past week, 70 Hondas (and that is just Honda – not including other brands) were stolen over a 9 day period. Oh, and 2 bank failures in Spokane this week …

The area seems to be coming unhinged.


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