Oregon’s High-Tech Employment Trends

OLMIS – Oregon’s High-Tech Employment Trends – What is High Tech?.


The Oregon Employment Department forecasts a decline of 3 percent for computer and electronic product manufacturing over the 10 years from 2008 to 2018. This compares to overall employment growth projected at 9 percent.

Sadly, the Federal government policies seem to encourage migration of high value engineering work, especially software and now electrical engineering, to off shore destinations. This is not just a Spokane issue.

Here’s a chart of all engineering jobs in the U.K. – per the link, the number of engineering jobs in the U.K. is shrinking as companies move more work and more manufacturing offshore. Today the U.K. is in a financial disaster zone of horrible proportions. This “free trade” was, said the economists, going to deliver benefits to all parties. Has it?



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