Spokane’s oversized health care cluster

Health care is the #1 industry in Spokane County (after government). The following is from 2001 data compiled by EWU in 2004:

Health care is also relatively more significant in Spokane County than in comparable counties in the Western United States. In Sacramento County CA, the relative impact of health care was about 40 percent less than in Spokane County, while in Pima County AZ it was about 20 percent less and in both Washoe NV and Ada ID Counties about 35 percent less. These findings carry over to total impacts where impacts were 20 to 40 percent less than they were in Spokane County.

Spokane unravels?

As of this morning, there have been 5 stabbings/knifings in the past 2 weeks.

Yesterday, police shot and killed a guy firing at them – which is the fifth police involved shooting since August 25th, and the 9th so far this year. These are not so much police issues as symptoms of the poverty and crime that plague Spokane. That is very worrisome.

We had at least a couple of armed robberies this week. I saw several more businesses closed up and more space for sale or for lease.

Meanwhile, local leadership remains delusional – prosperity is always just around the corner! But nothing will meaningfully change unless they kick their delusional thinking, accept reality – and move forward to address real issues.

Update: An one more shooting/homicide on Saturday.