Washington state added 5,900 jobs in October

Workforce Explorer, Home.

That would be good news.

4000 or 2/3ds of all new Washington jobs were government jobs. All 4,000 jobs, the report says, were due to education industries and these gains “reversed strong job losses in September” in the education sector.

Spokane County saw an increase of 3,600 jobs month over month; 3,400 of those were “government jobs”, which the State says were 100% due to hiring in the education sector. That leaves a net total of 200 new jobs in Spokane County not due to the government: 100 in restaurants and 100 retail jobs. Most of the rest of the private sector had a net loss over 2,000 jobs.  (3600 in Spokane and 5900 in the State? Some areas go up and some go down. The 3600 estimate probably doesn’t mean much in terms of the total of 5900.)

Hopefully, at some point, we can see sustainable job growth emerge in other than low wage, low skill jobs.

Here’s the chart the local media never publishes – without this chart, the employment report context is missing. Year over year, Spokane County still has 2,500 fewer non-farm jobs than last year.


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