The difference between creativity and entrepreneurship

  • The creative person generates new ideas; the entrepreneur turns them into profits.
  • Leaders are either personally creative or quick to exploit the ideas of creative people.
  • Entrepreneurship is the process of marrying a good idea and a market need,
  • Entrepreneurs take the risks, creative employees provide the raw material,
  • Creativity depends on creative qualities, a supportive environment and opportunity,
  • Innovation in organizations is very much like thought leadership except that the thought leader does not need to be personally creative. He or she can promote the creative ideas of others instead

via LeadersDirect – Fostering Creativity – LeadersDirect.

Creativity and innovation are now seen as the primary driver of future economic growth.

But as pointed out in this BusinessWeek column, creativity is not a solution by itself:

What society needs is not more creativity or suggestions for change but better ways to encourage people to focus on important issues, identify the most promising ideas, and tell the right people about them. But our deification of creativity gets in the way.

In other words, think creatively about important stuff.

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