Measuring Creativity – and how community creativity might be defined

In particular from a policy point of view creativity should not solely be considered as ‘a product oriented phenomenon aimed at solving problems’ Lubart (1999). It is as well a quest, a risk, an approach rather than a solution. Because creativity can mean so many things the KEA’s recent study develops the concept of culture-based creativity, which derives from art and cultural productions or activities which nurture innovation. Culture-based creativity is linked to the ability of people, notably artists, to think imaginatively or metaphorically, to challenge the conventional, and to call on the symbolic and affective to communicate. Culture-based creativity is a capacity to break the natural order, the usual way of thinking and to allow the development of a new vision, an idea or a product. Culture-based creativity is creativity that comes from artists, creative professionals and the cultural and creative industries.

The KEA report on Measuring Creativity, for the European Commission: measuringcreativity.pdf (application/pdf Object).

(Contrary to their implication that artists are the only ones who “think imaginatively” – there are many creative people in many fields. We would not be reading this over an Internet if there were not creative people in say, the technology fields.)


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