Every time there’s six inches of snow in Spokane …

Snow plough

Image by Frank Barth-Nilsen via Flickr

Read the comments readers have posted to these news stories:

Each time the winter storms drop a bit of snow, local government announces a new plan to deal with the mess. This year features a new definition of “Stage 1” and “Stage 2” snow emergencies.  Within the first 2 weeks of modest snow fall, the roads are a mess, school buses are stuck, cars can’t move, driveways are blocked by snow berms created by the plows ….

This is all manageable but only if the city wanted to manage it – the Mayor calls it “unprecedented” – but it happens every time there’s six inches or so of snow fall. Nothing changes. In fact, back in 2008 when the city was paralyzed by snow, the Mayor was off running a global warming conference – Doug Clark gave her an “F”. The proper word for this “incompetence” and it starts with the Mayor.

The snow berms turn to concrete and block off every driveway. One year, we had a 20 foot long berm, 10 feet across and 3 feet high created by the snow plow – that took us hours to dig out by hand. They use diesel powered hydraulics to dump mounds of concrete-equivalent on our driveways – and we get to use shovels to clean up the mess.

There are innovative solutions to this. Nearby Moscow, Idaho uses plows with “snow gates” that block off the end of the plow blade when passing driveways

Here’s a video showing a snow gate on a plow!


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