Media Space – UWTV on what creates technology hubs

Media Space hosted by Hanson Hosein —

Episode 3 has an interview with UW Asst. Prof. Margaret O’Mara on what makes places like Silicon Valley happen.  From my notes of the entire talk:

  • You need a lot of money for funding, with few strings attached
  • You need a meritocracy culture where good ideas and good people rise, rather than  “old money” power structures which constrain change
  • You need an entrepreneurial culture and business center with lots of crazy ideas
  • You need a (big) university doing innovative research and collaborating with many parties in the area
  • Location, location, location – you need a great location that attracts a mobile, highly educated wokforce that wants to work there.
  • Creating a technology hub is about having lots of well educated (not specified but I think she means university level education and more), many good ideas, funding and retaining such people before they leave for better opportunities elsewhere
  • Silicon Valley was created by the Federal government (I wrote about this before pointing out that government, and often an historical situation, created clusters) as the VC for defense spending in the 1950s and 1960s. There are only a few technology hubs, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, a few others not specified.

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