Cleveland and regional health care centers

This sounds familiar:

Cleveland, which has been losing manufacturing jobs for decades, has spent almost $1 billion on everything from new downtown sports stadiums to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in an attempt to rev up its economy, so far with mixed success. Next up: health care.


The broader aim: to rebrand Cleveland as a health-care hub that will attract well-paying industry jobs to the region.

via Cleveland Wants to Be a Health-Care Hub – BusinessWeek.

Many mid-size cities, like Spokane, are promoting themselves as regional health care delivery service centers.  Someone, some where, will eventually have to produce something to pay for these expensive services. We can’t all be health care service workers. Are we entering a health care bubble?  If we are, Spokane is sufficiently well established in health care that the bubble may mostly effect other areas – not here.


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