Why specialized company startups locate in the big coastal cities

He made the mistake of leaping before thoroughly analyzing when co-founding Knovel, he says. He and his partners were living in upstate New York and located the company there by default. They had not realized how difficult it would be to find specialized employees in a lightly populated, semi-rural area. “We made a commitment for five years [on a building lease] and it cost us a lot of money to get out. But we had to move our headquarters to New York City, because we simply could not attract the right talent to this area,” he says.

via Think Like an Engineer – BusinessWeek.

This is likely a contributing factor to why Spokane’s tech sector collapsed and why Seattle is the center of innovation in the Northwest.

The Northwest Innovation web site tracks innovation and startups in the Pacific Northwest region. Searching their web site for “Spokane” reveals typically two or three mentions annually.

For Spokane to resume real growth (as compared to subsidized growth) requires a mind and culture shift in understanding innovation, and embracing and supporting the necessary infrastructure for change.



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