Another relationship between Spokane’s economy and the airport

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I have written a lot about the Spokane International Airport passenger data, number of airlines and the number of non-stop destinations.

The airport data represents a proxy that tells us something about the local economy. When the economy is booming, more people fly. When the economy is falling, fewer people fly. This is not complicated rocket science 🙂  The data tell us more about the local economy than it tells us about the airport. It’s a very nice airport.

I just scheduled a round trip flight to a conference I will attend later this spring. I was startled by the 30% “tax rate” of government taxes and fees. Yes, a staggering 30% set of taxes and fees on air travel.

Part of this is because the government imposes a $3.70 fee on each leg of the trip. To get to my destination from Spokane, I have to hop once, twice and then a third time to reach my destination at a major city (on the west coast). For each hop, there is a $3.70 fee.

Then we get to do this on the return flight. Those fees for having to make a multi-hop flight to get my destination and back add up!

Additionally, even though I do not need to be at my destination until early afternoon, I had to fly out the evening before, meaning an extra night for the trip (and associated costs), because I could not get there from here by leaving in the morning.

This is an added burden for any Spokane business that needs to travel to other than the non-stop destinations or at a time different than the few non-stops available. For businesses needing to travel a lot, this suggests locating in a major, large city served by more air services. This problem affects all smaller towns and cities in terms of serving a national or world market.


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