“What’s Wrong With America’s Innovation Policies”

What’s Wrong With America’s Innovation Policies – Bruce Nussbaum – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review.

As long as I can remember, there has always been political talk of the need for “more science education” and innovation.

None of this will do a bit of good unless the financial incentives are aligned to encourage more to pursue innovation careers. Innovation is not exclusively about science and engineering either – innovation can occur in business processes, manufacturing processes and service delivery and the arts too. Innovation is about a state of mind.  The President is pushing a constrained view that innovation is about science and engineering and mostly comes from those with college educations.

The good news is the President mentioned “innovation” and recognizes its importance in a globally competitive world. But like the HBR column linked above, both missed the key attribute: innovation is a state of mind. It’s not science, engineering, more teachers, more college graduates, more government funded R&D and big corporations lobbying for more government innovation funding or tax breaks. Innovation has to be a way of life and that means continuous change itself must be embraced.

More from Mike Mandel, Ph.D., here.


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