Tech industry growth in Tri-Cities – booming

RICHLAND, Wash. – While much of the nation has undergone a severe recession, the Tri-Cities has continued to prosper, driven largely by a climate friendly to innovation, federal and private funding sources seeking science and technology solutions, and by a growing number of locally-based technology firms and entrepreneurs.

According to a study released today at the Tri-Cities Regional Economic Outlook forum in Kennewick, the Tri-Cities has been successful in founding and sustaining technology based companies, attracting and retaining educated and skilled technical workers, and stacks up well compared to many other metropolitan areas in the Northwest. However, the study also notes there is a shortage of local equity capital to invest in starting and expanding high tech businesses in the area.

via Technology, innovation driving Tri-Cities metro area growth | R&D Mag.

They note that the “high tech” software and Internet industry of Western Washington is largely not present in the Tri-Cities – instead, its focused more on physics, chemical engineering, materials science and so on.


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