“Biden Announces $53 Billion Rail-Funding Plan”

Map showing proposed Pacific NW rail improvements (Source of map):

WASHINGTON—Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a $53 billion plan Tuesday to upgrade and build intercity passenger-rail networks.

via Biden Announces $53 Billion Rail-Funding Plan – WSJ.com.

This plan has not yet been approved and is primarily a subsidy to the freight rail companies under the guise of enhanced passenger travel. It removes railroad crossing delays and straightens the rail lines, eliminating sections that require slower trains.

Daily passenger trains will rise from 4 to 6 and run 5% faster. When I looked at this a long time ago, I vaguely remember it increases the daily number of passengers to about 1,000 in the entire corridor. In other words, it has close to zero impact on passenger travel but comes at great cost.

While good news for the Portland to Vancouver corridor, it makes the west side more desirable than Spokane for many kinds of businesses. Which means this is probably not good news for Spokane.

More in a past item on this blog.


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