Spokane and the attempted MLK Parade bombing

From the New York Times:

And Spokane has cycled from shock to relief to reassessment: have the white supremacists who once struck such fear here in the inland Northwest returned at a new level of dangerousness and sophistication?

via In Spokane, a Mystery With No Good Solution – NYTimes.com.

The former Aryan Nations, which moved from Southern California, to north Idaho, created an unfortunate image of racism in the Inland Northwest. One that we hoped had died with the death of Richard Butler.

A City spokeswoman is quoted:

A bomb found along the march route “isn’t representative of our community as a whole,” a city spokeswoman said. “We are an accepting place.”

“We have had issues in Spokane, but primarily they have been in northern Idaho,” Ms. Feist said. “We kind of get painted with the same brush.”

A Twitter post notes: “40 mi separate Spokane & Hayden Lake. 2 incidents in 10 yrs do not a white supremacist movement make

To make this perfectly clear: Most everyone in this area despises these racists who are not reflective of the people of the inland northwest.


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