Spokane County average wages

I have covered this topic repeatedly:

# Spokane’s median hourly pay ($17.32) was below the state average of $20.11 and ranked 17th among all state counties.

# In 2008, Spokane County’s resident personal income topped $15.7 billion, including $11.8 billion earned at work, $2.8 billion from investments, and $3 billion in transfer payments like Social Security and Medicare.

# Per capita income reached $34,011, 16th in the state – 15.3 percent below the U.S. average and 20.4 percent below the state average.


  • In 2008, Spokane County median household income increased to $48,395, but it was still well below both the state ($58,078) and the nation ($52,029).
  • Median family income in 2008 was $60,618, which was below both the state and nation.

via Workforce Explorer, Home.

Regarding the last item, the wage gap has been steadily increasing as Spokane area wages fall further behind over a period of decades.

This issue is addressed in thirty years worth of economic studies but the problem gets worse most every year.

Idea – of interest, 37% of personal income here comes from investments or transfer payments and 63% comes from wages. It would be interesting to compare this to other communities and to see how this ratio has changed over time. Since wages relative to elsewhere have come down, and transfer payments have climbed steadily for decades, it is likely that personal incomes has been continuously shifting from wages to investment and transfer payments.


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