Government poised to pour more money into Spokane International Airport

The government has already poured hundreds of millions into Spokane International Airport. The result of that can be seen in the charts below.

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — Senator Maria Cantwell and Mayor Mary Verner came together Sunday to address the local implications of the U.S. Senate passing the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Both say the bill could bring millions to Spokane International Airport for technology and infrastructure improvements.

via FAA Bill Would Bring Millions To GEG – News Story – KXLY Spokane.

The following charts show the result of continued spending on SIA, where passenger counts and cargo have been flat for 15 years. In both 2009 and 2010, there were fewer passenger boardings than in 1996.

Source for the following charts: here, here and here.

This is wasteful “feel good” spending to temporarily create a few jobs and boost some politically connected businesses. This diverts funds from programs that could make a long term – as compared to a short term jobs program – difference.

Spokane has degenerated into a ward of the state – its economy dependent on transfer payments, Medicare and Medicaid “reimbursements” for its oversized health care sector, a large government sector (largest employer in Spokane County), public education and universities, farm subsidies, and government spending programs like the one described above, and a centrally managed economy. It’s primary economic growth strategy is to lobby the State government to set up a medical school in Spokane. And engage in exaggerated claims, false statements and marketing puffery.

Degenerated is probably not the correct word to describe this situation as this appears to be “by design”.

Local politicians are unequivocally clueless, adrift and stuck on stupid. Sorry, but I have seen far too much of this today.


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