Boeing wins $35B USAF Contract

Boeing news | Boeing wins huge Air Force tanker contract | Seattle Times Newspaper.

This is great news that the contract went to Boeing.

In terms of direct impacts in Spokane, there are some aerospace components manufacturers and suppliers in the area that may receive additional contract work from Boeing.

In terms of indirect impacts, Fairchild Air Force Base (adjacent to Spokane) is home to a large aerial tanker refueling squadron.  Because the new KC-X tanker is much larger (based on the Boeng 767) than the older KC-135 (based on the Boeing 707 platform), the Air Force will need fewer of the tankers than it has today. There have been past reports that the new tankers will require less maintenance staff than the very old fleet of KC-135s and may result in staffing changes at nearby Fairchild AFB; this would have happened with either the Boeing or Airbus aircraft.

The first of the new tankers is not expected until 2017.


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