Legislators propose to eliminate counties that cannot support themselves

Spokane in Spokane County

Image via Wikipedia

This will not pass – but if it did, it would abolish Spokane County:

If a county cannot economically support itself, then it should be dissolved and absorbed by surrounding counties. They put this proposal in House Joint Resolution 4214, which would amend the state constitution.

via Opinion | One county does not rule all in Washington state | Seattle Times Newspaper.

A Spokane area legislator is the author of the opinion column, above, and points out the ways Seattle benefits from rural economies. He recognizes that this bill would abolish most of the northeastern rural counties in Washington, likely merging all of them into a large county including Spokane.


In the last item, EWU researchers wrote:

The balance between transfer payments received and tax payments made for years 1991 and 1998 reveals that Spokane and Kootenai Counties both received more in Federal individual transfer payments than paid in personal income tax and social security contributions.

Consequently, the proposed legislation would likely abolish Spokane County and combine several counties together. No kidding.


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