Spokane County’s Working Population Decreasing

Data Source: US Census, Washington State’s WorkForceExplorer.com. The lines are poorly labeled: “Pop” refers to the total population of Spokane County and “Annual” refers to the number of non-farm employed or roughly the total number of people working. While the population has gone up, the total number working has gone down.

The next chart converts the above into a percentage. At the present time, the total employed has fallen to less than 44% of the Spokane County total population. This drop means either there has been a sudden influx of very young people (children) or a sudden increase in the retired community – or a lot of people have given up trying to find work. Considering that the drop occurs simultaneous to an economic depression, it seems likely this is due to the actual loss of jobs.

The data come from the State’s WorkforceExplorer.com web site and is based on the number of non-farm employed. (Farm labor in Spokane is negligible.) The totals do not include the self employed, sole proprietors and active duty military.

The chart that follows shows the percentage that is now employed dropping sharply from 2007. The X-Axis is missing but runs from 2000 to 2010.

This item may relate to the item, below, that finds 20% to 23% of the Spokane County population will be age 60 or over by 2020.



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