New Spokane Airport Director Selected

SRTC Transportation Blog: Airport Closer To Having New Director.

Larry Krauter will take over the position in mid-March. He comes from the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania, an airport about 1/3d the size of Spokane.


From 10 minutes of online searching ….

For reasons unexplained, some people in Lehigh did not like him while others did. The Lehigh airport is in management disarray as Krauter is the 2nd executive director to quit in six months. Lehigh airport serves 12 non-stop destinations including one international flight to Toronto (which is more than Spokane). The Lehigh airport is in a financial mess after losing a $26 million court judgment long ago – which remains unpaid after 11 years and grows due to late payment fines and interest – and is proposing closing a general aviation airport (similar to Felts Field) and selling the property or increasing taxes to pay it off.

Year over year, their airport saw 11+% growth – but year over year means little without knowing where they were in the past. Like Spokane, Lehigh suffered a sharp drop in passenger traffic in the last 5 years.

Sounds like Krauter left from a mess in Lehigh – not of his making but perhaps not of his fixing either. It may just have been an impossible situation. As documented on this blog, SIA has some issues to address, particularly with regards to spending based on badly flawed forecasts. We wish him well in his new endeavor as head of SIA.


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