Coming: Recommendations 2

I expect to post several items on recommendations for addressing the long term malaise that grips Spokane. I have outlined 5 or 6 separate item topics but no idea when that will come out – will have to wait until I have time to write them up.

The situation in Spokane is a tough problem. I only get to work on this in my spare time. There are some in town who are paid to be working on these problems and they are not doing a great job (with some exceptions that I will mention eventually).

Some themes of past recommendations – just search this web site to learn more:

  1. The importance of a creative culture
  2. The importance of innovation to the local economy
  3. The importance of a significant research university presence
  4. The importance of looking at data over a lengthy period of time to understand trends

(2) and (3) appear in nearly every economic strategy report for Spokane for the past three decades.

The series of Recommendations 2 will hit a bit harder and will name some groups that are not doing their jobs very well and what they need to do differently. I hope to propose some new ideas to jump start economic growth in Spokane once again.


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