Spokane County High School Seniors Taking the SAT

Community Indicators Initiative of Spokane – Average SAT Scores and Percent of Seniors Taking the Test: Spokane County.

This topic was previously covered here but this new chart shows the trend since 1999. The trend shows that while the percentage of students in the State taking the SAT has been fairly constant (53% in 2009), the trend in Spokane has been slightly downwards over this period (38% in 2009).

Please click on the link above for the interactive chart provided by Community Indicators of Spokane – a wonderful service of EWU that translates numbers into useful information. The horizontal green line is the percent of seniors, statewide, taking the SAT; the declining horizontal red line is the percent of seniors in Spokane County taking the SAT exam.

  • What caused this drop?
  • What can we do to reverse this trend?
  • What is being done now to reverse this trend? Is that working?
Update August 2011: The percent taking the exam has fallen again, to 36%:

Long term US GDP per capita growth

Source: Click on the chart for a full screen view:

International trade assistance now available at WSU-Spokane campus

SPOKANE – The Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) hired Joseph Vogel as the first of two trade specialists for the Seattle export readiness center located in Tukwila. It hired Vern Jenkins as the first of two for the Spokane export readiness center located on the WSU Spokane campus.


The new export centers join a statewide network of 24 centers and 26 certified business advisors to provide small businesses with confidential, personal, in-depth advising services. The SBDC is a cooperative effort of Washington State University, other educational institutions, economic development organizations and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

via WSU Today – First trade specialists hired for Spokane, Seattle.