Red Lion, Magnuson and now FairBridge hotels based in Spokane

New Membership Brand Offers Flex-Concept.

Interesting. Several hotel chains (two of which are still small but growing) based in Spokane.

  • Why would Spokane be the headquarters for several growing hotel chains?

Where Spokane really is a stage

This weekend, Spokane Civic Theatre, which has twice won for best production in the nation but failed to emerge from the state-level competition two years ago, is hosting the every-other-year Washington state competition — the first rung on the ladder ascending toward the American Association of Community Theatre championship.

via ARTS & CULTURE – The Road to Rochester – Spokane Civic Theatre.

The Abandoned Ridpath Hotel

Deteriorating Ridpath Doesn’t Help Downtown

“A landmark Spokane hotel – though a rung below the Davenport’s nostalgic league – the Ridpath has plunged into disgrace. The windows are cracked and covered with graffiti. Garbage and old mattresses pile up inside. Entryways sport crushed beer cans and reek of urine. Transients have been getting in, and a recent city inspection found dead animals, garbage and feces – human and animal – on the floor. Above the old entrance on First Avenue hangs a flag that looks like something out of a battle scene – gray, torn and tattered.”

The hotel was abandoned two and a half years ago. But once upon a time, it had looked quite nice (many photos). To understand what really happened, read the comments to the story linked above. Very interesting commentary. Some of the commentary sounds familiar – it is apparent that many people see the same things I am seeing. Very sad. Similar commentary in the TripAdvisor comments on the Ridpath.

  • What would be a good use of this building? Hotel? Condos? Apartments? Other business offices?
  • Should the building be restored as a hotel?
  • Should the building be torn down and replaced?
  • What sort of businesses would be good at this location?