GSI goes to DC, SIRTI could be chopped, and we’ll pour more concrete

Further updates are going to be like these – Twitter-sized and infrequent.

  • (Correction May 2011: The source that provided the information for this item was not correct. As always, if you spot errors on this blog, please leave a comment. Thank you. According to the above, ISR employs about 40 people and is not out of business.) Original incorrect comment: Isothermal Systems Research (aka SprayCool) of Liberty Lake is out of business. At their peak, they employed up to 250 people.
  • GreaterSpokane, Inc (GSI) sent 40+ lobbyists to Washington, DC. Their agenda is to get Federal money for health care, med school, military and pouring concrete. 
  • Med school, Health, med school, ag and energy science, and med school are on the agenda but mentions tech only in terms of seeking a $500,000 Federal grant to keep SIRTI alive…
  • SIRTI is on the state’s chopping block. The Legislature may merge SIRTI with Seattle’s Washington Technology Center.
  • GreaterSpokane posted a blog item where they thought they linked to a web site about the Spokane Waste to Energy web site but instead link to a spoof website. Embarrassing. Again.
  • A proposed electric trolley route for downtown Spokane has apparently been selected:

  • The path serves local power brokers – Cowles, Avista, GU, government, and the health care block. Paid for by everyone except the Kendall Yard’s folks who pay no taxes for 12 years.
  • Pouring concrete to benefit a few smells like a cargo cult. If we pour enough concrete, things are bound to get better! The trolley is effectively a done deal – we are going through the motions of pretending to have public input. Same as the new pedestrian bridge over the railroad. Also a done deal to benefit the downtown core.
  • What is the new South University district? Last year we called this the International District but take a look at the map.
  • Overall Spokane economy sputtering but shows some signs of life. Different parts will have hit bottom at different times.

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