The Spokane Energy District

Illustration: Different types of renewable energy.

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Spokane has a pretty book (economic development people produce lots of glossy reports!) that identifies “target areas”:

  • University District
  • East Sprague (also known as International District and South University District)
  • North Bank (of river near downtown)
  • Foothills Drive (“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”)
  • West Spokane Energy District (leadership in “energy conservation, renewable energy, energy industry sector development”)
  • East Hillyard Industrial (“living wage pay for skilled trade, administration and entry level positions”)
  • Market Street (“high intensity mixed-used… apartments, condos, row houses, retail services, … vibrant street environment”)

Two words show up throughout the last 4 district descriptions: “vacant” and “brownfield”.  A brownfield is often kinda a toxic waste dump and might eventually get Federal money to clean it up.

And that’s how I learned about the South University District, one of those Districts that shows up in some plans but not others (like the one above). Consistency in planning might be helpful.

All the big gun stuff is in the first 3 areas on the list. If you are thinking of owning Spokane business property or apartments, the only game in town is downtown.


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