Average high school GPA of students admitted to Washington colleges

A high school student asked me a question the other day that prompted this chart.

Evergreen is missing from the chart. Their average high school GPA for admission is 3.1.  GPAs are rounded, in most cases by the college. EWU is currently 3.17, rounded to 3.2. WSU is 3.44, and usually rounded to 3.4.  Due to pressures for more high school students to enroll in college, there is more pressure then ever for higher grades.  I suspect EWU’s average admission GPA will cross 3.2 this year, and WSU is likely to cross 3.5 shortly.

(Update: Fall of 2011 – WSU’s average GPA is 3.38, owing, they say, to admitting the largest freshmen class ever. The UW decreased its YoY freshmen class size, and admitted more out of state students because they pay higher tuition. This had the effect of denying admission to qualified in-state students.)

(Update: Summer of 2011 – Washington’s public universities are in the midst of a process that seems to be turning them into private universities with double digit tuition increases every year, and sharp cuts in the state’s portion of funding.)

Keywords: Eastern Washington University, Central Washington University,  Western Washington University, Seattle University, University of Puget Sound, Seattle Pacific University, Pacific Lutheran University, Gonzaga University, University of Washington, Whitworth, Whitman, Evergreen college.

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