Spokane Med School update

The State House would like to fund a start to a med school building in Spokane but the Governor says its funded with gimmicks.  Gregoire doesn’t like the way House would pay for med school – Spin Control – Spokesman.com – April 5, 2011.

The med school would be a useful investment.

Update: As of 2014, its bogged down in politics and in fighting between the UW and WSU. There is no longer a target date by which the  Spokane med school would open.

Unlike the waste of energy plant, the $570 million freeway to nowhere and the RPS and downtown trolley boondoggles the med school would be a good investment.

Perhaps if we did not squander so much on boondoggles, we’d have money for a med school!

I might have more to say about the trolley in the future. I have more info … including that a management employee of the “expert” the power brokers brought to town last week to do a “song and dance” in support of the trolley says these projects have shown no evidence of supporting economic growth. No studies based on data (versus fantasy financial models) have shown economic benefits. The purpose of the downtown trolley is to loot the public to benefit well connected downtown interests by keeping shoppers downtown and not escaping to competitors such as Northtown Mall, Valley Mall, Costco, Wal-Mart and other local vendors.


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